проприоцептивті (тереңді) сезгіштік

Ecology English-Kazakh dictionary. 2013.

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  • bathyesthesia — General term for all sensation from the tissues beneath the skin, i.e., muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and joints. SEE ALSO: myesthesia. SYN: deep sensibility. [G. bathys, deep, + aisthesis, sensation] * * * bathy·es·the·sia (bath″e es… …   Medical dictionary

  • Sense — In biology and medicine, the faculty of sensory reception. The ability to convey specific types of external or internal stimuli to the brain and perceive them. Sensory reception occurs through a process known as transduction in which stimuli are… …   Medical dictionary

  • bathyanesthesia — Loss of deep sensibility, i.e., from muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints. [G. bathys, deep, + an priv. + aisthesis, sensation] * * * bathy·an·es·the·sia (bath″e an″es theґzhə) [bathy + anesthesia] loss of deep… …   Medical dictionary

  • sensibility — The consciousness of sensation; the capability of perceiving sensible stimuli. [L. sensibilitas] articular s. appreciation of sensation in joint surfaces. SYN: arthresthesia, joint sense. bone s. SYN: pallesthesia …   Medical dictionary

  • deep sensibility — sensibility to stimuli such as pain, movement, and pressure that activate receptors below the body surface but not in the viscera. It includes joint sensibility (arthresthesia) and muscle sense (myesthesia). Called also bathyesthesia …   Medical dictionary

  • bathy- — combining form Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary, from Greek, from bathys deep; akin to Welsh boddi to drown, Sanskrit gāhate he dives into 1. : deep bathyseism …   Useful english dictionary

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